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14th August 2022 
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Helene Wander MSc.
BACP (Accred)

Psychotherapist - Counsellor - Supervisor


Highgate, Muswell Hill, Crouch End, East Finchley, Archway, Hornsey and North London

Please note that I am currently only working remotely

Our work starts with building a safe relationship where we can begin to reflect calmly on your situation. From there we can go on to explore the issues you are facing and the difficult feelings you may be experiencing.

My approach focuses mainly on dealing with your current situation. If you are happy to do so, we can then explore how your early experiences may be affecting you today. We can look at how you understand and view the world and how you manage your life, including any potentially unhelpful underlying beliefs and automatic responses you have adopted. These insights, understanding and awareness will support you in making changes and different choices in the future.


Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Low Self Esteem

Addressing the Consequences of Domestic and/or Sexual Violence and Abuse

Reduced fees for women who have experienced domestic or sexual violence at any time in their lives

I believe the individual and systemic, societal de-humanisation, brutalisation and oppression of people of colour by white people today and in the past is unforgiveable. These processes are also occurring in counselling and psychotherapy. I take responsibility for my part and acknowledge the pain, hurt, damage and disadvantage these attitudes, beliefs and actions continue to cause.
I have undertaken training and experiential personal development work to strive towards a non- and anti-racist approach and self-presentation and to work towards offering a black empathic therapy model
In an admittedly very limited way but which I believe is now more within my capacity, I would like to offer reparation by providing psychotherapy or counselling to people of colour at low or no cost
I am prepared to work with humility with whatever issue a client may bring, which may include the impact of racism on a person of colour, or with white people, addressing their/our part in the perpetration of racism and white supremacy.
I would like to show my respect and support for people of colour and participate in anti-racist activism

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision for North London

To arrange an exploratory session, call or text 07939206455 or Click here to email now

I offer free initial consultations via telephone, WhatApp or zoom


Close to Highgate Underground Station, with good transport links from Muswell Hill, Hornsey, East Finchley, Highgate, Archway, Crouch End and most of North London

Free parking